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Navigator Internet Solutions, Inc. | Urchin
Dedicated Hosting Services
URCHIN Web Analytics Software
 Each dedicated server that you buy from Navigator Internet Solutions, includes the URCHIN v5 Web Analytics software, which is a more detailed graphs about the visitors of your website, and their activity on your website. We include 100 FREE profiles with each dedicated server!

 Urchin 5, the industry leading web analytics software, is used by millions of web sites worldwide. It analyzes traffic for one or more websites and provides accurate and easy-to-understand reports on your visitors - where they come from, how they use your site, what converts them into customers, and much more. Urchin is essential for executives, marketers, webmasters, and web designers.

Using Urchin is easy. The reporting interface is intuitive and extremely powerful. Change date ranges or add filters and Urchin's Business Ready Graphics update instantly. Making a presentation? Export reports and graphics to any Office application. Urchin 5's lightning fast interactive reporting interface works and thinks as quickly as you do. No wonder Urchin is Number 1.

Setup is fast and easy, too. Urchin wizards help you to configure the software for your site and will have you viewing reports in a matter of minutes. Urchin's administrative interface provides customization options for the most demanding power user, and allows you to adapt Urchin to practically any environment.
Best Interface: Urchin's award-winning multilingual interface is intuitive and fun to use. You won't struggle to explain reports to customers or colleagues - each Urchin report incorporates clear explanations, in your language, of each metric, calculation, and assumption.
Business Ready Graphics: You won't waste time trying to create the right graphics. Urchin creates them for you - and they're portable. Simply paste Urchin's stunning 3-D graphics into your presentations and reports.
Tailor the Data: Report side filtering on the fly - set a filter and Urchin's reports update instantly.
Easy Export: Directly export Urchin's data to Word, Excel, and other applications.
Easy to Implement: Urchin's industry leading speed and scalability are widely acclaimed. But you don't need giant web logs or hundreds of servers to appreciate Urchin's easy installation and configuration.
Most Accurate: Log-only systems tell half the story. ASP solutions tell the other half. Only Urchin's fortified log analyzer software gives you a complete picture of website usage.
No Third-Party Cookies: Urchin's tracking module uses first-party cookies exclusively, so privacy concerns are minimized.

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