Freedom Server Decommission :: Scheduled downtime September 26th 2009

Dear customers,  Our shared hosting customers on server Freedom have been experiencing problems in the past couple of weeks due to a hard drive failure causing random server crashes. It has been found that this problem cannot be corrected and the server needs to be decommissioned. Further, Navigatoris will be migrating customer data to a new ... Read More »

23rd Sept 2009
DNS outage 09/03/09


 We are currently experiencing a DNS issue affecting our shared hosting customers, we are currently working to resolve this issue.

Thank you

3rd Sept 2009
Freedom :: Hard drive consistency check

The Freedom shared hosting server is currently down as we are repairing a bad sector on the hard drive that is causing the server to crash. This unexpected maintenance has no ETA for completition.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

26th Jun 2009
Scheduled Network Maintenance

Navigatoris will be conducting some router maintenance that may cause loss of connectivity for a 20 minute period or less. This has been scheduled to occur after-hours during the maintenance window of 1AM-3AM Los Angeles time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

23rd Apr 2009

One of our shared hosting servers had an overload on the PHP engine after upgrading to the latest version.

We have found the PHP plugin causing the overload and have disabled it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Navigator Internet Solutions

6th Apr 2009
Corporate Website Maintenance Notification

Please be aware that Navigator Internet Solutions will be doing some internal maintenance on its internal website and servers that host only our main website (, the billing system and Support center.  The scheduled maintenance window is open from Saturday 6pm to Sunday 6am, during which time our support desk/website may be ... Read More »

4th Apr 2009
Freedom server consistency check [RESOLVED]

One of our webhosting servers experienced high server-load after hours this Friday. We have researched the cause and one of the hard-drive blocks have been damaged causing high IO waits for the system in its entirely.

 We have solved the problem by blacklisting and moving the data that was on that defective sector.

20th Mar 2009
Freedom server overload [RESOLVED]

This morning one of Navigatoris shared hosting servers was overloaded and experienced a 20 minute downtime while the server was gracefully shutdown and all services restarted.

 Since then the server has been back online and its currently being monitored to avoid any problems in the short term.

5th Mar 2009
Scheduled power maintenance 11pm

We will be upgrading the power strip affecting one of our shared hosting servers, downtime will be approximately 20 minutes. This maintenance will be done afterhours, maintenance window from 11pm - 4am starting Friday, december 19th.

19th Dec 2008
[RESOLVED] Shared Hosting :: Server freedom hard-drive issues

At 3:15am pacific time server freedom is back online, all data is intact and in a new hard-drive.

Thank you for your patience.

2nd Dec 2008