PHP Engine upgrade to 5.3.6 and new support for PHP PDO [Scheduled maintenance 4/29/11]

Dear Customers,   Navigatoris will be implementing a system wide upgrade on the PHP5 engine to its latest version (5.3.6). In addition we will add support for PHP PDO, We have scheduled a maintenance window between 10pm PST Los Angeles time until 3am for the upgrade to complete. There will be no expected downtime, however be advised that ... En savoir plus »

27 avril 2011
[server11] Hard drive filesystem inconsistency (Fixed)

Dear Customers, Our webhosting server11 suffered a linux filesystem inconsistency check, which forced the server offline to repair bad hard drive sectors and correct the issue. The failure was detected at 3am PST and after a through system check that lasted 6 hours the systems were fully recovered and functional by 9am PST Los Angeles. For ... En savoir plus »

5 janv 2011
[server11] cPanel Server slowness - user has been suspended

Dear customers, On Sunday May 5th 2010 - 11:45am one our cpanel servers (server11) server load and memory usage started to skyrocket to levels where the system could no longer sustain, making the webserver and mysql database server processes slow to respond to requests. At 12:10pm Navigatoris has sent notification and suspended the user ... En savoir plus »

30 mai 2010
Reason For Outage :: Network Issues 4/22/2010

Dear Customers, Navigatoris is aware of a network issue impacting our network in Los Angeles (HQ), this is widespread effect affecting our upstream Internet Service Provider Xeex Communications ( This is impacting all of XEEX's customers including Navigator Internet Solutions, we are awaiting for resolution from XEEX and have ... En savoir plus »

22 avril 2010
General Server Maintenance Window [3/27 from 11PM - 3/28 to 3AM]

Dear Customers, Navigatoris will be implementing an update to one of our core devices which will cause an estimated 15-20 minute downtime for websites hosted by us on our shared webhosting. The maintenance window which will begin on Saturday, 11PM 3/27/2010 will end on Sunday, 3AM 3/28/2010. All times are Pacific Time, Los Angeles. During the ... En savoir plus »

26 mars 2010
Server10 Migration and PHP 3.1 support

Dear CustomersNavigatoris will be moving clients off server10 to server11 as cPanel has recommended the migration to solve a server load/crash issue. This move should be smooth to clients and it should cause less than 15 minutes downtime if any, while your DNS records are updated. PHP 3.1 is not yet supported, as many of our customers are using ... En savoir plus »

24 janv 2010
SERVER 10 :: MySQL instability (marked solved)

On 1/18/2010 Server10 suffered a mySQL crash, the errors shown on the system were: Version: '5.0.85-community'  socket: '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'  port: 3306  MySQL Community Edition (GPL)100118 13:15:41 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Normal shutdown 100118 13:15:48 [Warning] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Forcing close of thread 121090  ... En savoir plus »

18 janv 2010
SERVER 10 :: Memory swap complete

Dear customers,

Memory swap was completed.

Downtime start: 12:10am September 17th 2009
Downtime end: 12:20am September 17th 2009

Total downtime for memory swap: 10 minutes.

Thank you

17 nov 2009
Server10 :: Memory swap

Dear customers, Per request of cPanel to troubleshoot a kernel segfault we will be swapping the physical memory on Server10 between the hours of 11:30pm and 2am today September 16th 2009.  Please be aware that all services (shared webhosting) hosted on this server will go down for maintenance for approximately 20 minutes as we physically do ... En savoir plus »

16 nov 2009
cPanel update causing server crashes across the board

Hello,  Last night cPanel released an update to their "RELEASE" branch, cPanel's most recommended branch to run. This new update includes an update for ClamAV, the antivirus scanner for e-mails.  After cpanel update ran on most cpanel servers overnight at 3AM Pacific time, it updated ClamAV to the newest version to be compatible with ... En savoir plus »

28 oct 2009